My journey into photography

My journey into photography was a recent one however it had deep roots into my school days.

I studied art history & appreciation in secondary school in what is now Tullamore College in Co. Offaly. I had a very inspiring teacher, Mrs. Mona Cleary, who always encouraged me to let go and develop my creative side. I painted using different media, acrylics, watercolours and pastels etc. It made me look at things differently and to see things I would have never seen before.

My first memory of photography was using a small film camera when I was younger and sending the film rolls in to the pharmacy to be developed. I always couldn't wait to see the results of the photos once developed. It was so exciting. I almost got as big a kick out of looking through the film negatives for some reason as I did through the final prints.

Now I shoot with a digital SLR camera and I haven't looked back.

Wherever I go I am constantly looking for a landscape composition to shoot, looking for a different angle than the ones we always see. I take hundreds of photos each time I am out but only publish a handful. I usually keep all the photos as you never know when I might see something in them that is unique.

I have ventured into photographing people more recently having been lucky to photograph at a few weddings, christenings, first communions and back to school shoots. I am more comfortable photographing people now than I was two years ago. People's faces tell a story, a story that should be captured forever in a photo.

I am looking forward to continuing my photography journey and sharing my photos with you all.

I appreciate all the feedback I can get so please feel free to comment on my images.

Over time I hope to blog more on the story behind my images to give you a full understanding of where and why.